Different Paths...

...All lead to the same destination.

The path of spiritualism and enlightenment may be the road that you follow.

Or the worship of any number of thousands of deities may be your calling...

Or simply following the ways of nature and the great mother.

Regardless of the path that you choose to follow, Ancient Pathway is here to offer information and guidence.   We do not teach your path, but how to allow your path to merge with those of others and create harmony.

As of today, 08/06/2017, the new design is in place. This represents about 1/10th of the final product. Our goal is to validate and update about 20 pages a week. So make sure you check back often.

You can always check the UPDATE page to see what has been added in the previous week.

Ancient Pathway News

  • New Site Design

    The new site design represents and upgrade to HTML5/CSS3. We have cast off the older design to make the site more visually appealing.
  • Daily Changes

    The entire site has been pulled and is being re-written with updated and more accurate information.
  • New Shop

    Ancient Pathway has re-designed the shop, including our popular vendors, new vendors as well as custom products and designs.
  • Custom Wares

    Much of the jewelry and other products are now made by Ancient Pathway instead of imported.