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The Roots of Ancient Pathway

Ancient Pathway was created in 1985 by Christopher Klein.
For 25 years, Ancient Pathway has maintained a presence, first on local, public Bulletin Board systems such as Salems Crossing and Spyders Web BBS and then onto the World Wide Web.

The purpose of Ancient Pathway is the free exchange of information. We offer information on topics from the tools of Witchcraft to some very special writings by the systems operator of this site and some select members.
We also have our online shop, an online community and a photo gallery. The site is heavily monitored and we do our best to protect our databases, community postings and message board posts from advertisers, inappropriate materials and other detrimental information.

Welcome and enjoy.

Christopher Klein aka The Ancient

The Staff of Ancient Pathway

This website and other media are no longer the work of one person.  Though this site started out as a way to bring free information and exchange of ideas to the world in relation to non-Christian based religions and followings.   This was a daunting task.   Over time, many people have been added to the family, but the core of the site remains the same.

The Ancient

The Ancient is the mind behind the creation of Ancient Pathway.  Owner, President and CEO. He has been said to be a man of many hats, and this is spoken both figurativly and literally.   When you come across the Ancient in public, he may be found in a 'Jazz Hat' indicating that he is in a creative mood, wanting of music and song, or a country hat, searching for a bit of nature or adventure. Likewise, he is our webmaster and the one who brings the site together, sitting for hours weeding though and verifying the information that gets posted here.  In 1985 he brought forth Spyder's webb BBS and then Salem's Crossing BBS and finally Calyn's Circle BBS.  These predicessors to what would become Ancient Pathway created a foundation that has become what you find here today.   Together with his wife, TreeMom and the children, they work together to bring Ancient Pathway to being.

The most recent accomplishment of the Ancient is the addition of the full King James version of the holy Bible and the completion of the first name databases that you will find in the reference section.

"Spell Casting can be as subtle as a feather on the wind. But there are times when that feather will become a falling anvil. It is the educated and tempered Witch who will know when to tickle and when to tackle. We hope that though this site, you will know the difference."


Where the Ancient is the mind behind Ancient Pathway, TreeMom is the heart.  She is artistic and intelligent, tempered and concise.   She sits for tireless hours weeding through information, formatting it for inclusion on the site.   But her most important task is that of a very creative artist.   Though an accomplished artist on her own, she has the ability to look at the work of the rest of the staff and say those magic words... "You are done!".  One of her many mantras is "It takes two artists to create any work.  One to create and the second to tell them when they are done".  

TreeMom is the Vice-President, head of marketing and inventory lead.  The items that you find in our online and physical location have mostly been hand picked by her.   TreeMom is a constant flow of ideas bringing a light to the future of Ancient Pathway.   She is also responsible for the Gemstone and Herbology databases that you will find elsewhere in this site.

The Ancient Bard

The AncientBard is only 16 years old, but carries the knowledge of an Ancient Ent with the curiosity of a child.   He brings to Ancient Pathway wisdom well beyond his years and is the true intellect behind this site.   His name was chosen in respect for his father, TheAncient as well as is love, and often obsession with music.   He is the main musical artists spotlighted in our audio webcasts of pagan songs of tradition and by Hugin the Bard.    He is the one who questions everything.  The AncientBard seeks knowledge in music, science, art and the ways of the world.   When something new crosses the Ancient Pathway, The AncientBard is the first to enjoy rolling the idea around and exploring all facets. 

The Great Tree

The GreatTree is only 10 years old but carries with her an insight and wisdom well beyond her age.   She is the soul that brings forth the creative world of Ancient Pathway.  Her young curiosty and inquisitions keep the rest of us on our toes, and with her youth, her honesty can be trusted.  If you ever want the truth without bias or predjudice, ask a child.   GreatTree is one of the Artists of Ancient Pathway.  
GreatTree lives in both a world of fantasy and the real world, with balance to both.  She loves to dress up, wear 'pretty clothes' and hold conversations.   When she speaks, if you close your eyes, you may wonder as to her age.   The most memorable statement.  "I was bored, so I built a structure" when talking about her latest building design. 

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