Advertising on Ancient Pathway

The right advertisements for the right price.

The entire advertising structure of has been modified inclusive of the main site and all sub sites. Since it is you, our visitors that have made this site what it is, we are giving our current users access to advertising on all pages under a new fee structure. All fees are based on quarterly contracts. If you have a need for single month advertising, please call 901-340-6865 for current rates.

One of the biggest problems that we (Ancient Pathway) have with the internet today is advertising.   There are many sites out there that you will visit and as soon as you start to explore the site, the 'engine' behind the site starts feeding you advertising.   It's amazing how a simple informational site will KNOW that you play the Saxophone, like fairies or even are in school.  This is 'smart technology' that reads your personal information and searches a series of databases to send you something that you are likely to click on. 

We do not use this technology and it will not be installed.  We do not use advertisement rotators or hidden code to feed you information OR extract information about your usage.  We do not subscribe to mailing lists, nor do we provide your personal information to any outside source, even for 'demographics studies'.

If you are interested in purchasing our user base, you must purchase the entire site and company.  Our current price for the sale of Ancient Pathway is $750,000,000, a island off the state of Hawaii and 3 small moons with established life.   **

**This information has been added as a joke, but offers have been made for purchase of and Ancient Pathway Inc. by several non-pagan churches and since they were very insistent, I had to come up with a price.  Thus far, no takers! But we are always ready to take possession of the moons.

Current advertising rates:

Main Site Index advertising is available at a rate of $70.00 per month. No more than three slots will be  available on the main index page located at the ROOT of

Main Page Index advertising is available at a rate of $50.00 per month. There are three slots available on the main index page for each section.  Advertising is reserved on the main index pages for specific advertisers and only available for purchase on an annual contract. Please call for details.

Sub Page Index advertising is available at a rate of $30.00 per month. There are three slots available each on the Sub-Pages. As of January  2017, there are more than 800 pages available for advertising and more coming every day.  Discounts are offered for multiple page advertising and bulk packages are available.

All rates are by Quarterly pre-paid contract.   We no longer offer banner advertisements as they interfere with the flow of the site.  Only text based, micro-button and  150x150 click though images are accepted.   Your click though image MAY be animated in the form of a GIF image, no java or rotators will be considered.  The image must be provided to Ancient Pathway, not stored on your server. As it is a common question, the reason behind this requirement is that previous advertisers have tried to sneak in rotators and re-direction code within the ads.

Static Hyperlink Advertising Fees:
You may only purchase 1 of the available Static Hyperlink locations. These locations are available on a weekly basis at a rate of $1.00 per week. Annual contracts are available at a rate of $41.00 per annum (20% discount to annual advertisers)

**our online shop has added online advertisements on a rotation as of April 2008. These slots are available at a rate of $100.00 per month. The higher price on this type of advertising is due to exposure in Google, eBay and yahoo.  These advertisements locations are 'spidered' by most search engines once or twice a month or more offering more exposure.

All advertisers are responsible to read and understand our legal notice and privacy notice. Any linked website that breaches our code of ethics will be immediately removed without refund. This is to include access to Pay only adult sites, Pay only matchmaking sites, any site that installed adware/spyware or destructive programming or any Phreak site or site that intentionally misleads the consumer. This action will be taken at the discretion of the systems administrator and a full explanation of removal will be issued within 72 hours of removal.

NewTech: As with everything, information technology evolves. The new advertising is a passive popup that will load into your browser as soon as you connect to a website. These may offer surveys, membership, requests to be loved (okay liked) on Facebook or other social media, etc. Ancient Pathway does not currently, nor will it ever, use this technology. It is our belief that this kind of "drive by" advertising takes away from the foundation of the Website in general.

Ancient Pathway has a NO TOLERANCE policy for breach of our code of ethics.

Upon request of use of advertising space, you must submit a description of your site.  Within 72 hours of your request, your site will be visited and explored.   You must have a privacy policy and legal disclaimer.   Your site may not be an email reseller and be free of pop-up advertising and advertising scripting.  Any advertising on YOUR site, linked to the Ancient Pathway advertising system must adhere to our code of ethics as described above.