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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due:

All the text and pictures on this Web server are copyright 1985-2011 Christopher Klein and / or Ancient Pathway Inc. Design and layout are copyright Triumph Media
The design of this site is a modified copy of a public domain template as purchased though MegaTemplates online media in 2005.   The original template contained no copyright notification, author information or disclaimers.  As such this template is considered free distribution.   If you would like a copy of the ORIGINAL unedited template for your use, you may purchase a copy directly by sending an email to .  The reason for the cost is data scrubbing which was done to the template to remove several dozen inactive advertising links and rogue programming to spyware, adware and malware.  The template is now advertising free.

The blanket license for Ancient Pathway Inc. is as follows...

Copyright Notification:

Printing of photos for personal use
This site contains copywritten images throughout the site. In many cases, you may find that the authors of this site have disabled the ability to right-click and save images from this site. This function is disabled to protect the works of the authors.
If you want a copy of one of my pictures to stick on your fridge or use in a school project or cover a crack in your wall, you may request any image from the site by contacting "TheAncient" from the contact page. When requesting an image, please indicate your intended use. As long as it will be used for personal enjoyment, the request will be honored. If you intend to use the images for commercial or business use, a fee will be negotiated.
Non-commercial Web use of photos
If you have a personal home page or non-commercial Web service, please feel free to use my photographs with a hyperlinked credit on every page where one of my photos appears. Acceptable HTML is
photographs courtesy
That way people know who took the picture and also can find my on-line copyright statement. You do not need to pay for usage. Just build the best Web site you can and give it back to the community.
Commercial Web use of photos
If you would like to use my pictures on a commercial page, then please do the following:
  1. register the URL with me (sending email is fine)
  2. add the hyperlinked credit as above (on every page where a photo appears)
Once the URL is registered via email, your usage request will be evaluated. In the event that the image or photo is being used for commercial advertising, a one time fee for use may be imposed.
Depending on usage, I reserve the right to deny usage on sites that I find to be truly poisonous.

Note: remember that most of the pictures of people on my pages are not model-released. Advertising usage of photos (e.g., brochures, catalogs, print ads) is very different from editorial usage of photos (e.g., newspaper and magazine articles, books). You cannot use pictures in advertising (e.g., an on-line product brochure or anything else that is selling) without getting a model release from any person whose image is recognizable in the photo. You might also have problems if an image contains a recognizable physical property, e.g., Disneyland. One of the reasons advertisers pay $1000+ for images from stock agencies is that those agencies have generally already gotten the relevant releases.

Artists are welcome to use these photos as a basis for a drawing or painting in exchange for a credit. If an image of the artwork is displayed on the Web, credit should be a hyperlink to with a note "Partially based on a photo from". Otherwise the same note can be used in a printed description of the work.
If you see one of my pictures in a magazine or a Web page and there is no credit, then it is almost surely unauthorized. If you are the first person to tell me about it, I'll send you a free print of our choice for your wall or up to a 75% discount from our online shop.
Text and Stories
Please feel free to redistribute via hardcopy or email for noncommercial purposes any of my writings, but please don't break up documents (except by chapter) and please attribute the source in such a way that someone can find the most up-to-date version on the Web with the appropriate hyperlink included.

Please do not ever copy any of my (text) content to a public Web server. Link to my pages instead. I guarantee not to break any of your links. The problem with you putting a page on your server is that the search engines will find it and send my readers to your server instead. Thus they will be deprived of my latest content and service innovations.

Final word:

Copyright information is always in flux. Please check back often to see if the rules have changed to accommodate local, state or federal laws. Please do not assume that you used an image before and therefore there should be no problems now.