When you visit a website, you get information.  This information is often, as with Ancient Pathway, based on perspective and personal experience. Many people do not realize the amount of time and effort that goes into the creation of a good site with good information.  With that in mind, this page is to say a special 'thank you' to all of those who have made Ancient Pathway possible though the years.  These are the people that have, in some way, contributed to the perspective of this information.   The information and experiences on this Web-site are drawn from the experiences of those involved, not on a regurgitation of information and experiences of others. 

Thank you to Triumph Media located in Bartlett TN for the technology to create and maintain this site.  Triumph Media provides the technical expertise and web design as well as the administration that keeps the site and physical store up and running.  Triumph Media is part of the Ancient Pathway family of businesses.

The data and information contained within the databases found here on Ancient Pathway, come from years of gathering and investigation. A special thank you to TreeMom for her hard work on data scrubbing of the Pantheon, Herbolgy and Gemstone databases.   Without her hard work, these databases would have taken years more to complete.

Additional Credits:

In order to give the proper considerations to all people that have brought Ancient Pathway into being, would require a very large book.   But a brief mention of to all those that have given ideas, thoughts and information. 

Listed by rough timeline:

Elizabeth Ann Rumley, Kim Ajax, Melissa Stoddard, Dale Harris, Randy Rusputnic, 'Sydney', Steve Calandros, Robert Klein, Karl Klein, Harry W. Klein, Eleanor Jane Freshwater(Klein), Kristine Mulligan, Billy Mulligan, Ginny Northeimer, Anna Hughes, Margaret Ann Mary Armano, RuthAnn Richer, Al Richer, Aileen Houghton, Barbara Houghton, Susan Hans, Kathy Patton, Peggy Patton, Mike Smith, Ben Goertzel, JoAnne Campbell, "Anne - the Sailor", Alma (rest in peace Angel), 'Caesar', Pia Knopp, Claudia Heidt, Diane Hamilton, Debbie Skaz, Kitten Lane, Tracy Prestileo, Andrea Fogliani,  Geraldine Grady, Monique King, Evelyn Whitehouse, McKenze Critchfield, Karen Racine, Brian Miller, Sonya Miller.

These are people who have in some way inspired me, for good or for bad, to bring Ancient Pathway together and let it become what it is today.

Special thanks to Strayer University for the education, Temple of the Sacred gift -ATC (Memphis) (Sadly - no longer in existence) for enlightenment and the Human Society / ASPCA  for their every day efforts to help those who can not help themselves.  They, of all these, remind me that I am human when I forget.

And of course: Laura Klein, Darius Xavier Klein, Rowan Dante Troyer and Willow Rhiannon Klein

The final word of thanks goes to those who have been with me most of my life.  Every present and watchful they have let me get myself into deep trouble, but are always there to pull me out, keep me grounded and make sure I can go on.
Neriki - my spiritual Guardian - Ancient and protective - the eternal trickster, demon and angel.  My personal heaven and hell.
Petima - my cat guide.  When all is lost she brings me strength.  When I stumble she guides me to safety. When I am threatened, she fights by my side from within. My sleek panther guardian and eternal friend!

Finally - Neko the cat.  When I am down and don't know where to turn, Neko is always there to offer a rub or a purr to push me forward.  She seems to always know my moods, and exactly what needs to be done.