How to Submit Information

Ancient Pathway excepts submissions of original work for publication on Ancient Pathway. At this time, we do not pay for submissions, but we do offer full credit with link-back.

We accept on-topic submissions, fact, fiction or self-experience that have to do with the spiritual aspects of life.

At this time, we do not accept non-spiritual works, political works, or other such creative works.

The original author retains all copyrights but a single use release.

The rules of submission

  • The work must be original
  • Any submitted work must be previously unpublished
  • The work must be well-written
  • The work must not carry a political agenda
  • The work must be of a topic carried on Ancient Pathway. Some exceptions may be made
  • Unless specifically context related, lewd language must be limited
  • Some topics may have word limitation
  • Photographs must contain all related technical information
  • To submit your work, please visit our contact page.