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Everyone has an opinion, some of them are good, some of them are bad.  At Ancient Pathway, we always welcome the users' input and feedback.  If you have a request for information or for a new feature, you are welcome to contact us with your request.

As you browse though this site, you are going to find information that you do not agree with.  This cannot be helped.  Before you FLAME the system operator and owner of Ancient Pathway, please be sure to have your resources prepared. We will gladly change any information with updated text should information prove to be incorrect or especially if cited incorrectly.  That in mind, please remember that this site is an opinion of a single group of people.  Opinions can only be changed by facts, not other opinions. 

In the event that an opinion is catagoricially opposite of the opinions of Ancient Pathway and your authors, we will be glad to review your opinion for posting to the page in question. Opinions on the Bible, the Burning Times and Historical data will only be commented at the discression of theAncient of Ancient Pathway.


If you would like to contact the Systems Operation manager of Ancient Pathway, please use the following information:

Via Telephone: 901-340-6865

Via Email:

Sales: Sales@ancientpathway.com

General Comments to TheAncient: theancient@ancientpathway.com

Advertising: advertising@ancientpathway.com

Paganmatch Questions: webmaster@paganmatch.com

Website design issues: webmaster@triumphmedia.com

We welcome your comments, concerns and requests. If there is something not on this site that is part of the Pagan community, please email our main contact : Theancient@ancientpathway.com and we will assess your request.

If you have questions about our sister or umbrella sites such as Nightskyonline.com, triumphmedia.com or landCents.com please visit those sites for contact information.

Authors for this site are always welcome, please email the Ancient if you would like to be considred for our writing area, or as a webpage author.

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