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The Planets and Powers

To maximize the effect of witchcraft spells and natural magick, one should look to the natural correspondences between planets and other elements of the magick. In the two sections below, the planets are listed first with the aspects of life they rule, then in a chart showing how the planets correspond to other components you may use in designing in your spell. However, remember that the best magick is always composed of what works best for you! 

Aspects and Correspondence

Aspects Ruled

Active change, advancement, creativity, ego, fame, favor, friendship, growth, healing, health, honor, hope, joy, leadership, life-energy, light, monetary gain, personal fulfillment, power, pride, promotion, self-confidence, success, superiors, vitality
Negative aspects: arrogance, bigotry, pride


Astral travel, birth, children, clairvoyance, dreams, emotions, fertility, home, imagination, inspiration, intuition, secrets, sleep, women's mysteries, reincarnation
Negative aspects: delusion


Aggression, ambition, arguments, competition, conflict, destruction, energy, goals, lust, male sexuality, medical issues, sports, strength, strife, struggle, surgery, upheaval, victory, war
Negative aspects: anger, violence


Business, buying and selling, cleverness, communication, contracts, creativity, information, intellect, memory, perception, science, wisdom, writing
Negative aspects: dishonesty, deception


Abundance, business, fame, gambling, greed, growth, expansion, honor, leadership, money, parties, politics, power, responsibility, royalty, success, visions, wealth
Negative aspects: greed, wastefulness


Arts, attraction, beauty, female sexuality, friendship, harmony, love, luxury, music, pleasure, scent, sensuality, social affairs
Negative aspects: coldness, isolation, lechery


Astral plane, banks, binding, buildings, death, debts, discipline, history, institutions, karmic debts, knowledge, limitations, longevity, magickal knowledge, obstacles, real estate, sacred wisdom, structures, time
Negative aspects: oppression, pain

Other Correspondence

Sun Sign
 Herbs & Plants*
Yellow, Gold
Amber, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye
 Acacia, Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, Frankincense, Galangal, Heliotrope, Juniper, Marigold, Mistletoe, Orange, Rosemary
 Silver, White, Light Purple
 Abalone, Moonstone, Opal, Rock Crystal
Camphor, Coconut, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lotus, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vervain, Willow, Wintergreen
Aies, Scorpio
 Iron, Steel
 Allspice, Blessed Thistle, Cayenne, Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, Pine, Tobacco, Wormwood
Virgo, Gemini
 Opal, Moss Agate, Aventurine, Sodalite, Flourite
Almond, Anise, Clover, Dandelion, Dill, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilac, Mace, Peppermint, Rosemary, Vervain
 Water, Fire
 Blue, Purple
Amethyst,  Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite
 Agrimony, Anise, Cedar, Cinamon, Cinquefoil, Dandelion, Honeysuckle,Hyssop, Linden, Mint, Nutmeg, Sage
 Earth, Water
 Taurus, Libra
 Green, Indigo, Rose
 Emerald, Rose Quartz
 Apple, Balm of Gilead, Bergamot, Catnip, Damiana, Dragons Blood, Geranium, Hibiscus, Magnolia, Mugwort, Plumeria, Rose, Rose Geranium, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vervain, Violet
 Black, Grey, Blue
 Apache Tears, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Obsidian
 Comfrey, Cypress, Datura, Hemlock, Mandrake, Mullein, Musk, Patchouli, Scullcap, Slippery Elm, Thyme, Witch Hazel

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