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Those things that go bump in the night

We all have things that scare us in our lives.   This may be a fear of clowns or black cats, walking under ladders or what may be waiting in our back seat as we drive away from the mall.  These fears are generated though supersition.    

Superstition is the belief of supernatural causality, that one event causing another event without a direct link or natural process between the two events.    If you break a mirror and then suddenly start to have bad luck, you have entered into the world of superstition.

The Ancient Pathway Superstition Pages

We have broken down this section of Ancient Pathway to the more curious and interesting forms of superstition.   The different areas hold different subsets of information about stories such as why black cats or bad luck, or even, the mysteries behind why witches, under the full moon, can be seen flying on their broomsticks.


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